Celebrating Six Years in Technology Marketing!

What we've learned from you, our clients.

Sep 6, 2022

Six years ago in February 2017, we founded Spring Marketing Group on the premise that we want to do great work that we truly enjoy, with people we really like. As we reflect on the past year, we can say with confidence that we’ve achieved that goal, one thousand times over. 

Last year, we grew in lockstep with our outstanding roster of cornerstone clients in healthcare, data analytics, real estate, software, and services.  We also were fortunate to add a number of new clients in other exciting industries, including cryptocurrency, blockchain, data literacy, finance, and associations. 

Our work in 2022 challenged us in new, exciting, and sometimes difficult ways. As we have grown, our leaders have had to learn to step back and make room for our team to manage more projects and client engagements. It challenges us to use our skills in different ways while giving others an opportunity to shine. 

This has allowed us to scale while maintaining quality, hands-on support for which we are known.   We’ve bolstered a number of capabilities in terms of expertise, tools and frameworks to deliver CMO counsel and execute projects in innumerable ways, from pumping up the volume with content (without relying on AI), to flipping the “on” switch for our clients across the digital marketing spectrum – email campaigns, social media marketing, and website/SEO development –  and delivering stellar PR and awards that have directly and positively impacted our clients’ businesses.  

As we grow with our clients, we are constantly learning from them and are grateful for the ways in which they help us improve. They introduce us to new ideas, challenge us to think big, and dare us to try new technologies and tools. Though we may never match the creativity of the client who used Chat GPT to create a LinkedIn post about a business intelligence tool in the voice of a Taylor Swift song, we appreciate the introduction to the technology and will be exploring ways we can use it to automate some of our work in the year to come!

The success of Spring Marketing Group is built on relationships – with clients and co-workers, past and present. We couldn’t have reached our sixth anniversary without all of you. We look forward to our shared challenges and achievements ahead and wish for your ongoing health, happiness, and success!

Kelly, Ronda & Michelle

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